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Author: Brenda Ehrler

Are you happy with your career? I wasnít happy with mine. But I stayed in it for many years because I had a powerful disabling belief that I could not find a comparable position. I didnít realize that I could change my career and my life at any time by following five simple steps. The first and most important step I needed to take was to change my disabling belief that I could not find a comparable position, to a positive self-serving belief.

1) Change disabling beliefs
I affirmed my new beliefs daily: I will discover my unique contribution to humanity. It will financially support my family and me.

Beliefs are very powerful, Maxwell Maltz, M.D.,F.I.C.S, author of Psycho-Cybernetics writes that our sub-conscious is a servo-mechanism. It operates off data (beliefs) input by our thoughts with no judgement of that data. The data input can be positive or negative both are acted on equally. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer writes in his book Real Magic, that our thoughts create our experiences.

2) Network, tell others of your intentions
Intentions, like beliefs, are very powerful. I was verbally affirming my intention, each time I told someone of my decision to seek a career change. Furthermore, I was discovering a network of mentors ready and willing to assist me. Within a year I was meeting some of the most influential women in the city.

3) When an idea comes, develop it
About four months after exchanging my disabling belief for a self-serving belief, I discovered a need. I noticed that there were a large number of treatment facilities for substance abusing individuals. But information and healing for the loved ones of the substance abusing was lacking. While working full time, I starting writing a non-fiction book, Learning to Be You; Itís an Inside Job: Recovery and Healing for the Loved Ones of the Substance-Addicted. When the book was complete I self-published it through the publishing company I had started, Just Be Publishing, Inc.

4) Donít be surprised when your new belief starts to create opportunities
Out of the blue, my supervisor offered one individual in our department the opportunity to leave the company with a severance package. When I started my pursuit to make a career change, the likelihood of this offer was remote.

5) Clear up issues
If we do not clear up the issues that caused us to dislike our current job, we will continue to draw the same issues in our next position. In some cases, after we clear up issues, our regular job becomes acceptable. Be willing to change your mind and admit you are currently working in the position suitable for you.

These five simple steps can be implemented without making drastic life changing decisions. You have nothing to loose, but your unhappiness.


After twenty-four years in the corporate environment, Brenda Ehrler was offered the opportunity to make the switch from corporate employee to small business owner. She started the publishing company, Just Be Publishing, Inc., to publish her own non-fiction book, Learning to Be You; It's an Inside Job: Recovery and Healing for the Loved Ones of the Substance-addicted. It was Brendaís own healing and recovery from living with a substance-addicted individual that led her to follow her heartís desire and reach out to others like her with books, tapes and motivational speaking. Brenda lives with her husband, their son and their Miniature Schnauzer in Salt Lake City, Utah. The book is available through and the Barnes and Noble website.








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