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Rick Saldan is an excellent inspirational speaker who tailored the seminar to the needs of the individual students being instructed. This office thanks the Mayors Office of Information Services for having such a vendor.


Timothy K. Lynch

Office of Fleet Management

City of Philadelphia



Rick has a magical approach that provides a clear and concise message specifically designed to the needs of his audience. Rick will provide all the motivational magic you will ever need, propelling your organization to the next level of greater success.


Thomas Mulhern

Frontier Communications



Rick Saldan is a compelling and absorbing motivational speaker and magician.  I have been to five of his Motivational Magic presentations and it is amazing how he keeps our college audiences on the edge of their seats. A highly entertaining performer with great comedy flair. Rich content to increase students' productivity, peak performance and motivation. If you need an outstanding motivational speaker for colleges, Rick is definitely one of the world's greatest speakers and magicians!

Dr. Rob Gilbert, Sport Psychologist,

Montclair State University



Rick Saldan has the wit, wisdom and sorcery of a wizard. He has a dynamic personality, and all will enjoy his captivating stories, comedy and magic!

Dennis Slaughter
Credit Suisse First Boston



Rick Saldan delivers a first-class show! A pro in every sense of the word. Funny, unique, entertaining and polished.

Brian Letscher, Actor

Hawaii Five-O, NCIS, Cold Case, Law & Order and The Mentalist.



Rick Saldan is a wonderful combination of master magician, comic improviser and first class speaker. The audience loved his program, which was music to our ears. If you love celebrity motivational speakers such as Tom Hopkins, Dale Carnegie and Zig Ziglar, then you'll love Rick!

Dottie Burman, President
Burtley Productions, Inc.


Rick Saldan is an incredibly talented performer and motivational speaker with great insight. He shares many powerful motivational messages that will enhance your life for the better!

Jack Murray, President
Dream Illusions


Rick is one of the best inspirational speakers on the scene today. Funny, fun loving and highly energetic. If you want to make your next event into an extraordinary one, then invite professional speaker  Rick Saldan and his amazing  Motivational Magic.


Andres Lara, President

Inspiration Times Magazine





Listed below are dozens of letters of enthusiastic support from people that Rick Saldan has brought commendable results and breakthrough impact.


These letters demonstrate a 20-year history of consistent service to others.  They repeatedly highlight and emphasize proven leadership through energy, innovation and dedication.


Just as Rick Saldan has used gifts and talents to help these people obtain their breakthroughs, so he will help you and your people! 




Thank you for your awesome presentation. I know that all of my teams loved the program. I love your message and your delivery. I hope that you can spread even more magic throughout the world!


Gene McNaughton

Vice President of Sales

Tony Robbins & Associates



You can rely on Rick Saldan for any project you get him involved in.  Rick will delight your customers, and deliver beyond your expectations.  An organization who chooses to bring Rick on board will be lucky to have him, and more successful for having made the decision.


Mr. Saldan is reliable, dedicated, and detail oriented. Rick was typically early for every session, and prepared to help class members have a success. Often participants would seek him out on break and get advice on their talks, and projects for the class. With a focus on making each individual successful, Rick would give examples and strategies which consistently helped them grow.


I have had the privilege of working with Rick Saldan on several joint projects for nearly a year. He is an exceptionally gifted individual, with mastery in a variety a of disciplines.


I was delighted to hear through the grapevine that Rick had later enrolled in the Instructor Candidate program, and subsequently passed with flying colors to join the ranks of Dale Carnegie instructors.


Fred Walker, Instructor

Dale Carnegie Training



Rick Saldan's Motivational Magic is highly creative and unique. He seizes their attention with his illusions, and then uses his magic and personality to teach the audience how to live their lives to the fullest!

Joyce Dolberg Rowe LMHC

Regional Training Director

Mars & Venus in the Workplace

Author, How To Find Your Soulmate



Rick Saldan has a unique ability of showing his audience all of the existing positive and wonderful aspects of life's experiences that already surround and fill our daily schedules. Rick has a magical approach that provides a clear and concise message specifically designed to the needs of his audience. Having Rick Saldan as motivational speaker or as a trainer to your sales force, technical staff, operations team or management team will only stand to prove your wisdom in choosing him. He will provide all the Motivational Magic you will ever need!


Thomas J. Mulhern

Coordinator Technical Services

Commonwealth Telephone




Rick Saldan is a pleasure one hopes to get the opportunity to see.  He engages the audience both as  an active participant and onlooker.  His presentation is thoroughly inspiring, entertaining and wonderful.


Elizabeth O'Keeffe

Random House Publishing



Rick Saldan is a compelling and absorbing speaker and entertainer.  I have been to five of his presentations and it is amazing how he keeps the audience on the edge of their seats!

Rob Gilbert, PhD

Montclair State University



Rick Saldan has the wit, wisdom and sorcery of a wizard.  He has a dynamic personality, and all will enjoy his captivating stories, comedy and magic!


Dennis Slaughter
Credit Suisse First Boston


It has been my privilege to serve as the Commanding Officer for Rick Saldan as we have organized and submitted for your consideration the work he has done for his community.  He has shown himself to be a very straight-forward, dedicated young man whose activities and achievements have been commendable and noteworthy.


The awesome amount of work Lance Corporal Saldan has done in service to his community presents a clear picture of what type of individual he is.  He has freely given of his time, energy and talents to all kinds of people; from the needy elderly to convicts, from terminally ill patients to runaways.  He has strengthened and edified the lives of many.


In addition, this Marine has continually striven to improve himself morally, mentally and physically.  He has been trained under many talented instructors to better his abilities in helping others, and within the Marine Corps has spent a great deal of time learning the skills and expertise necessary to be a successful Marine.


Truly, if anybody fits the bill of the self-motivated and dedicated individual that the Gold Congressional Award seems designed for, it is Rick Saldan.


Captain Ross Schwalm, Inspector-Instructor

Third Battalion, Fourteenth Marine Division

United States Marine Corps



The City of Philadelphia Fleet Management employees received technology education courses from Mr. Rick Saldan. As the Deputy Fleet Manager, my schedule is hectic and my time valuable. Therefore, any training I receive must be clear, concise and directed to my needs. The training provided by Mr. Saldan was just that. Participants in the class received excellent training from Mr. Saldan, as he was able to identify the participants needs and respond accordingly. As a result of invoking class participation. Mr. Saldan was able to provide the basics, answer problematic questions that our personnel encounter in their daily work, and provide some shortcuts, which is most helpful for someone in my position.


This office is of the opinion that Mr. Saldan was an excellent instructor who tailored the course to the needs of the individual students being instructed. This office thanks the Mayors Office of Information Services for having a vendor with the level of teaching skills exhibited by Mr. Saldan in being able to adjust the curriculum,  and to mold the presentation around the skills, abilities and most importantly the needs of their customer/student.


Timothy K. Lynch

Office of Fleet Management

City of Philadelphia



A pro in every sense of the word.  Funny, unique, entertaining and polished, Rick Saldan delivers a first-class show! 


Brian Letscher, Actor

credits include:

 "All My Children" 
"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"
"NYPD Blue"

"How I Met Your Mother" 


Rick Saldan has a genuine gift of not only entertaining, but communicating on a professional level.  His contagious 'go-getter' attitude and his long list of personal accomplishments represent shining examples of one who not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk.  Rick really is a 'motivational' magician!


Gregory Bishop, President

Gregory Bishop Productions

South Carolina, USA



Rick, I want to let you know how much we enjoyed your presentation at the National Speakers Association chapter meeting in September.  Your program kicked our year off in the best possible way because the way you combined content with showmanship demonstrated to our audience the high standard they can expect from a speaker in the NSA.  You taught us much-needed technology that was easy to follow and you wowed us with incredible magic effects.  I have been putting into use the many techniques you demonstrated, resulting in new customers! Thank you again!


Janet Luongo, Co- President

National Speakers Association

New York Tri-State Chapter



Rick Saldan is a gifted, creative and energetic presenter.  I learned easily with the clarity in which he presented complex subject matter.  I am looking forward to more of his exciting programs!


Rosie Horner

Encouragement and Presentation

Skills Coach, Keynoter and Author



Rick Saldan is one of the greatest speakers that I have ever seen!  He's funny!  He entertains!  He inspires!  From an audience of 3 to 3000 people, or a group of toddlers to a group of Fortune 500 executives, Rick's messages connect to the audience, entertain them and powerfully motivate them into action!  If you want to make your next event into an extraordinary one, then invite Rick Saldan!


Andres Lara, CEO of A. Success Training,

President of Inspiration Times Magazine

Author of Inspire The Sleeping Giant Within



Rick Saldan is a wonderful combination of master magician, comic improviser and first class speaker. The audience loved his program!

Dottie Burman, President

Burtley Productions, Inc.



Rick Saldan is a creative and innovative speaker.  He takes chances and risks while entertaining and wowing his audience!  Not only a talented presenter, but  also a magician with comedic flair!  All will enjoy the wonders of Rick!


Kim Nielsen

Over The Edge Theatre Productions



 Rick provided the most wonderful entertainment for our event.  The children and adults alike had a great time and his performance was spectacular!  We would like to do it again next year.  Thank you, Rick, for making this so memorable!


Pat Agrait,

A Great Web, Inc.



Rick Saldan is a wonderful and intellectual entertainer who knows how to keep his audience amazed and amused.


Dan Fudim

Master Magician



Rick Saldan is the type of performer I look up to; he is funny, engaging, mystifying and taller than me.


Tad Asaro

The Vendare Group


Rick Saldan has been an invaluable part of the Voyage House team over the last few months. He has contributed huge amounts of energy, time and new ideas to our programs.


Rick's greatest asset is his ability and desire to go beyond what, is routinely expected. During the recent period of the 460 hours logged with our facility, Rick has contributed many hours from his free time to serve as a counselor on our telephone crisis intervention hotline for runaways, throwaways and chronically homeless youth. In addition, he has initiated new methods of training for our hotline volunteers, has updated agency resources, has implemented new outreach and recruitment ideas, and has provided new methods to educate the public on the needs of society's troubled youth. By examining our administrative processes and evaluating ways to improve the system, Rick has truly improved Voyage House as a whole.


Rick Saldan is motivated by a great concern and compassion for the welfare and well being of people in trouble. His dedication, commitment and fresh insights are inspirational. I recommend him with great enthusiasm for your program.


Tricia Sutterley

Voyage House, Inc.

Pennsylvania's First Runaway

  and Homeless Youth Center



The Pyramid Club is an exclusive private club of approximately 1,000 members based in Center City, Philadelphia. Our members are executives and professionals including attorneys, doctors, accountants and brokers. We cater to the needs of our membership body in providing a variety of activities, programs, classes and special interest clubs.


In March of 1997, Mr. Rick Saldan submitted a proposal to initiate a programs committee, and was subsequently granted the office of Chairman of the Programs Committee of the Pyramid Club.  The objective of this group was to form a think tank to generate new ideas to enhance the overall impact and effectiveness of the full-time staff.  With the assistance or our membership director, Mr. Saldan researched likely members who might be interested in joining the newly forming committee. They contacted them and invited them out to a meeting outlining the proposed new group.


During this past year, the efforts of the Programs Committee have been invaluable. Their ideas on new activities and feedback on each function have proven very valuable to my staff and I.


I would describe Mr. Rick Saldan as a young man who is very ambitious, thoughtful and caring. He is well liked by other members and has made many friends here. We wish him all success in his future endeavors.


Karl R. Swink, Club Manager

The Philadelphia Pyramid Club



Rick Saldan began as a volunteer crisis counselor to the Philadelphia County Prisons, and was promoted under Major John Case to the position of Expeditor.  His responsibilities included conducting investigations into inmate abuse, drafting and writing proposals for increasing the effectiveness of volunteers.  He recruited and screened prison volunteers.  He trained prison inmates to guide, encourage and coach their fellow inmates.  He supervised and provided guidance to other volunteers in their work in the prisons.  He provided long-term coaching and encouragement to prison inmates by providing counseling free of charge on a weekly/bi-weekly basis through one-on-one and group visits with the inmates.


Major John W. Case, USMC

Field Director,

Pennsylvania Prison Society



Rick Saldan served as a rehabilitative counselor with teenagers who have been sentenced for adult crimes in the Philadelphia Youth Study Center.  He worked hard to inspire them and guide them to a deeper purpose in their lives.  He purposefully sought out those inmates that were abandoned by their families, for which have historically provided the highest recidivism rate due to no outside support and encouragement.  Mr. Saldan made a strong impact on their hearts and minds.  For Christmas, he contacted several community organizations to raise cash and request donations for free gifts.  He collected electronic kits, puzzles, books and snacks for the holiday party.


Lieutenant Donald L. Howell,

Commanding Officer

Philadelphia Youth Study Center



Rick Saldan has been an asset both to the clients and staff of the Philadelphia Committee for the Homeless.  He wrote articles, recruited volunteers and loved going out on excursions to locate and feed Philadelphia's homeless population.


Joan M. Wimer

Coordinator, Mobile Outreach

Philadelphia Committee

  for the Homeless



The experiences I had in both your word processing and spreadsheet classes were rewarding and informative. You tailored each class to fit the varying needs of the students but also managed to cover topics in your class plan. You maintained your composure and sense of humor in the face of numerous questions and demands to Go over that one more time, Rich!


Perhaps the least appreciated aspect of your class was your repeated message to call you if we had any problems -- until I had a problem. And you came through when I called with a problem. The intricate formula you constructed works perfectly for the complicated operation I required for a specialized report. Your number is now safely ensconced in my rolodex. Thank you so much for your help; I truly appreciate it.


Patricia J. Kosek

The Glenmede Trust Company



Rick, this letter comes to you with thanks from Prime Bank and all the employees who participated in the training sessions held in our bank and conducted by you.  Everyone in attendance has stated what a thorough and enjoyable learning course it was. Below I have outlined the strengths of the training, personality traits of you the instructor, and the benefits enjoyed by the employees as a result of the training:


a)  Handouts were always customized and prepared in advance containing illustrations, examples and drills for participants to write in and use during the class and later for review.


b)  A combination of lecture, hands-on practice drills, and lively group discussion to introduce, develop and reinforce the necessary skills in working with spreadsheets was greatly achieved.


c)  A completely relaxed and comfortable atmosphere was created for each and every session. The participants felt an overwhelming amount of satisfaction in accomplishing what they set out to do - be more comfortable in understanding and using the spreadsheet software. Everyone felt the four-hour sessions just flew by so quickly. They were all so eager to learn more!


d)  You showed your ability in handling concerns, frustrations, and potential hostilities throughout the entire course. The overall rating for you as the Instructor is excellent.


When and if we decide to hold another series of classes, we will be sure to contact you to be the instructor for us again. Thank you for all your help and concern.


Michael J. Sexton,

Vice President/Controller

Prime Bank



I would like to express our gratitude for the on-site software training you provided us for WordPerfect and the Q&A database management packages.  I was impressed that you cared enough that you stayed past 6 pm working with us to answer each of our many concerns and questions.


Your training was enjoyable, informative and very useful in helping us to solve some of the day-to-day challenges we encounter at Stockard Shipping. You were very concerned about meeting our particular needs, and tailored ‘your instruction to cover those specific goals that we have had in our office routine.


Looking forward to working with you in the future!


Frank Signorello

Vice President, Sales

Stockard Shipping &

  Terminal Corporation



Rick Saldan devoted a significant amount of time for the Franklin Research Center in a general purpose interactive plotting program written in Fortran.  He made several significant changes to the program which is used extensively by our research staff.  We were very pleased with the work which Rick performed.


Michael F. Jaskowiak

Manager, Franklin Research Center



I personally commend Mr. Rick Saldan as he has served to be an outstanding, dedicated and loyal individual and a definite asset to our organization and our community.  He has been actively concerned about community affairs, and has been volunteering for several years in programs to help disadvantaged people to improve their situations.  I have met several of his colleagues in these endeavors, and they have praised his dedication and effectiveness.


Larry Kovnat

Greater Philadelphia Chamber

  of Commerce



In the time I have known Rick Saldan, we have worked together on a number of occasions and have served on committees together.  In my opinion, Rick is a hard worker who takes his job and his responsibilities very seriously. His willingness to help and his mover and shaker personality make him enjoyable to work with and lots of fun to be around. I would recommend him highly for any position based upon his high standard of professionalism, his ability to communicate well with others, and his genuine enthusiasm for any project.


Kris Kummer, Legal Assistant

Litvin, Blumberg, Matusow & Young



Rick Saldan quickly recognized and adapted himself to our needs, always performing in an excellent manner.  Our attorneys and paralegals report that Rick carried out his duties efficiently and productively.  He is very organized and dependable. 


Honorable Stanley M. Greenburg

Litvin, Blumberg, Matusow & Young



Rick Saldan is a conscientious and enthusiastic asset, performing diligently under a heavy workload and several deadlines at a degree higher than those expectations set for him.  Mr. Saldan adjusted quickly to our needs, and interacted effectively with both our attorneys and support personnel alike.  He learns very quickly, is well organized and exercises both initiative and good judgment.


Aaron D. Blumberg, Esq.

Litvin, Blumberg, Matusow & Young



I met Rick Saldan while attending classes approximately two years ago. Since that time, I have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Saldan on various law related job research projects and have become very much impressed with Mr. Saldan's skills and aptitude for identifying issues and analytically working out methods of resolution in a quick, comprehensive fashion.  Rick always exhibited a high degree of professionalism and. knowledge, as well as a willingness to assist, guide and train others when they experience problems. He works and gets along very well with people, particularly because of his sensitivity to individuals' needs of respect and self-esteem which are essential to all people. Mr. Saldan has the innate ability to accomplish and succeed in reaching his desired goals, and in performing a job well-done.


Rick Saldan is a person whom I admire very much. He is a warm, considerate, honest, strong and hard-working individual. He lives life with ambition both professionally and individually! Rick Saldan takes pride and responsibility of being a good citizen and member of his community by performing and getting involved in an array of volunteer and charity work. He is a very respected member of his community and the legal profession.


Theresa J. Lauria, Paralegal

Spear, Wilderman, Sjgnlond,

  Borish, Endy and Silverstein



Mr. Rick Saldan assisted our firm at a particularly critical period as we had become involved with a massive and complicated class action involving well over 1400 individuals.  Rick demonstrated a high degree of professionalism while toiling under intense pressures to meet deadlines, all the while handicapped by outmoded equipment.  He was further able to render invaluable assistance to myself and the firm by being highly organized, efficient and diligent in the compilation of all tasks assigned.  Rick has proven himself adaptable to the many and sometimes contradictory demands that were made upon him.  He quickly assimilated himself into our office routine and has established an easy rapport with the attorneys and legal assistants with whom he works.  I would not hesitate to venture the opinion that Mr. Saldan's skills, intelligence and personality demonstrate his abilities for great success in this or broader capacities.


Donald F. Waldo, Litigation Paralegal

Krusen, Evans & Byrne



Rick Saldan is a bright, industrious and resourceful individual who would undoubtedly be an asset to any firm as he was to this firm.  He applied himself to a wide variety of tasks and has always sought to increase his knowledge and improve his abilities.  He has shown an inspiring eagerness to learn and seek more responsibility.  Rick works well with coworkers and superiors, and adapts himself well to stressful demands placed upon him.  He demonstrates strong initiative and is diligent in attacking and carrying through on assignments. 


Alan M. Rosen, Esq.

Klehr, Harrison, Harvey, Branzburg,

  Ellers & Weir



Rick Saldan would make a super addition to any project.  Anything that Rick was asked to do, he did with the highest level of professionalism, competence and efficiency.  Perhaps more importantly, he knew when to take the next step on a project and always followed through. 


Rick I. Scharlat, Esq.

Greenberg Traurig



 I recommend Rick Saldan as an especially qualified individual for your firm.  I have come to know Rick through his untiring work for my firm and I am totally confident in both his abilities and dedication which he brings to every project.  Mr. Saldan has always endeavored to accentuate his skills through persistent honing of his talents.  His poignant questions have always focused on his attentiveness to detail and constant striving for perfection.  It is with special interest that I commend him for your review as he is an asset worthy of your consideration.


Aaron S. Friedmann, Esq.

Zarwin , Baum, Resnick & Cohen



 I would like to recommend for your consideration Mr. Rick Saldan.  Mr. Saldan has a variety of excellent and well-honed skills, which makes him a valuable asset to any attorney or law office.  He exhibits energy and enthusiasm, and quickly completes any project assigned to him.  He adapts and handles himself professionally and admirably under difficult circumstances.  Mr. Saldan is a fine gentleman who is responsible and honest.  I think he would be an exceptional member of your organization.


Robert C. Nathan, Esq.

Greenstein, Gorelick, Price,

  Silverman & Laveson



I would like to recommend for your consideration Mr. Rick Saldan.  Mr. Saldan's position was one of considerable responsibility and required a great deal of self-direction.  Rick's computer skills are excellent and well applied to the many and varied kinds of projects on which he works.  He always expresses a willingness to perform all tasks required and takes pride in the fact that his work is done well and on time.  Rick's professional manner and pleasing personality have been a definite asset, since he is capable of working well with attorneys, paralegals and secretaries.  I recommend Mr. Saldan highly and without reservation and am confident that he will be successful and do a fine job in anything he chooses.


Duke E. Henkels, Administrator

Krusen, Evans & Byrne



Rick Saldan is a graduate of several of our training programs and has served the Dale Carnegie organization with his computer expertise and marketing talents.


In August of 1992, Rick graduated from our corporate sales training program with high honors from his peers and instructor staff. At the conclusion of the 12-week course, he was a first place winner in three award evaluation programs and received eight awards as a finalist in other recognition categories. During the length of the intensive training program, he excelled at his studies proving himself very competitive amongst a group of thirty-five sales professionals from many well-known corporations. He exhibited enthusiasm for the challenges he faced, and was a great asset in helping other students during the training. Because of this, he was also a finalist for the class' Human Relations award given by the other students.


Since graduating from the course, Rick has come back as a volunteer Group Leader each time we have offered the course. He has worked hard and grown, always seeking to continually improve. Rick also enrolled in our six-week Management Training Seminar and worked with our sales representatives on a three-month part-time sales internship. Throughout this time, we have utilized Rick's experiences in the computer industry to enhance our sales and marketing programs.


Mark S. Norman, President

Dale Carnegie Training



Rick Saldan has distinguished himself in the Dale Carnegie Sales Course, that just recently concluded.


First, Rick was a finalist for the Human Relations Award. This award is presented to the person who the class feels, that by that persons' participation in the class, did the most for them. We consider this award the top award in the training program. Rick was the third runner up for this award.


Second, Rick was a semi-finalist runner up in our Sales Talk Championship. This is a contest in which every class member must give a complete seven minute presentation on their product, utilizing the Dale Carnegie principles learned in class. It is not an easy contest, especially when you are being judged by your peers -- and those that know what to look for. Again, it was by vote of the class that he had given the second best presentation in Session 11 qualifying him to compete for the top honor in Session 12.


Third, Rick was the top award winner in the Account and Market Development Contest held in Session 8. This is a contest that is based on each individuals progress to improve their account and market development. Again, by vote of the class Rick was voted the top honor for this contest. Each class member chooses area's where they need to improve in an earlier session. At Session 8 they make a presentation on their progress made in the last several weeks.


Fourth, Rick was awarded the Recognition award in Session 3. The recognition award is voted on by the instructional staff, to the person who made some significant progress or contribution to the class during that session.


 In addition to the above, Rick was a semi-finalist for our Reporting Award at three sessions. The Reporting Award is awarded, again by vote of the class, to the person who gave the best report on applying the material learned at each session.


Rick has put much effort into our training program and has gotten much out of it. He has accepted the challenge to improve and has proven his ability to do so. You will find him more confident, more prepared, more enthusiastic and generating more sales for your company.  I congratulate you for having a person of this caliber in your organization.


Michael Ward

Sales Course Instructor

Dale Carnegie Training



I think you do an exceptional job with much dedication, effort and willingness to assist our employees on teaching us the latest technology and software there is to know and with your humorous and pleasant personalities it makes it more worthwhile to attend these classes.


Iris Arroyo

Graphic Arts Department



Rick Saldan has been extremely helpful to me in polishing my computer skills. Even though he has a busy schedule, he always made himself available when I needed help for myself or for my supervisor, Julia Moran.


Rick has always been able to solve my Excel problems, and he has been helpful in knowing who I should contact to get help in other areas. In addition, his work in organizing the workshops and encouraging me to attend has been of great value to me in my work. And, of course, when this helps me in my work, it helps the whole department.


There were many occasions where I ran into formatting problems in converting a document that was sent to me via e-mail, and he always helped and was able to fix the problem. This has made scheduling less tedious and easier for everyone in the entire department. His classes are informative, thorough, and interesting. He manages to cover a great deal of ground in a short time and when you leave the workshop, you feel enthusiastic and hopeful about you ability to conquer most software challenges.


All in all, my computer skills have truly grown due to the encouragement and help I have been given from Rick.


Anita Baichoo,

Legal Department



I found your instruction to be very helpful and informative. I think these classes are very much needed. With dedicated instructors, like you, I have gained a better knowledge of the software and it has helped me to be more productive in getting my work done.


Mabel Blount



I need to gladly add my name to the list of co-workers who have had the pleasure of working with Rick Saldan in Technology Education classes and during one-on-one hands on training (and disaster avoidance).


As a department head, I have too few hours in the day and have, regrettably, too few opportunities to attend the classes that are now offered. However, I have encouraged all people on my staff to attend classes and everyone who has had the opportunity has had a worthwhile learning experience. That kind of feedback is invaluable to me and is greatly appreciated. Having these classes available for my staff helps my department to remain ahead of the curve regarding technology issues -- and in my division, technology is key! I wish we could clone Rick so that even more classes could be offered, including an orientation class for new hires.


Rick has often been a life saver as well. He approaches every thought and project I have posed with alacrity and has delivered some really good solutions. What makes it a pleasure to work with Rick is the pure joy he brings to the job, his genuine interest in helping to solve a problem and his dedication to education. His approach is always so professional -- well prepared, thorough, and to top it off, he makes learning computer technology fun!


The roles that Rick performs are critical. We would be a much lesser firm without this individual.  His contributions are numerous and welcome, appreciated greatly, and certainly necessary to the continuing evolution of our firm as a technologically savvy firm.


Nancy Camarata,




Thank you again for your expedient work.  The assistance that you have provided on Microsoft Outlook as well as the Top Producer records that you transferred onto ACT will enable us to better serve all Top Producers.  I look forward to working together in the future.


Frances D'Alessio



I'd like to take this opportunity to provide you with a little feedback on the many classes that are provided by Rick Saldan. We at times don't take time out to pat each other on the back for a job well done.  I would like to take advantage of this opportunity and tell you that Rick Saldan has put together very interesting and informative classes. He always takes the time out to explain in great detail if necessary and gives great examples to follow from. Many times I enter a class with a notebook for notes, but his approach is so interesting that, many times I feel I don't need it.  Keep encouraging Mr. Saldan to continue to find new and exciting ideas by the way of technology to share with the employees of our firm!


Shirley Delgado,

Fixed Income



I'd like to take the time to let you know how helpful Rick Saldan has been to my department.  I  encourage you to continue your continuing education classes. My staff has found it very useful in enhancing their skills.  In addition, the creative services staff finds it very useful when working with other departments to create style templates. If the person we create the template for is not trained properly, we'll call in Rick to help. This helps streamline our presentation needs.


As you know, Rick was instrumental in the success of the Creative Services Technology Roundtable Presentation.  The entire process was a learning one for our staff and a great team project.  Rick is very easy to learn from. Rick accommodates my schedule (sometimes before 7:00 am) and is a pleasure to work with. His wit is refreshing and his design ability is good.


Bonnie Eskenazi, Director

Creative Services Department



I am writing on behalf of Rick Saldan to commend his successful efforts organizing and managing our firm's technology education area. His dedication, enthusiastic disposition, and overall proficiency in all areas of technology are obviously a great asset to our firm.  In this age of technology, vast computer capabilities can provide our firm with a strong source of competitive advantage. Many organizations have the technology tools, but lack the resources to teach others how to utilize these tools effectively and efficiently.  We are fortunate enough to have such an individual to educate all employees, establishing a highly productive and automated workplace.


Recently, the presentations our department produces for the institutional community were enhanced by our conversion from Harvard Graphics to PowerPoint. Rick was integral to making this conversion a huge success. Without his guidance, assistance, and diligence, this task would have been an arduous and tedious undertaking.


I have also attended several Roundtable discussions. The meetings serve as a informational session, providing eyes into other areas of the firm. I have been impressed with the organization and overall professionalism of these meetings.


Anticipating much expansion within our firm and predicting rapid growth in technology, Rick, being highly knowledgeable and responsive, will greatly impact our organization by serving as a provider of education.


Laura Esposito

Institutional Marketing Department



Thank you for your help over the last year. In particular, I commend you for a) timely responses to our questions, b) helping our Mid-Cap Value team set up Outlook so we could share calendars and contact lists, and c) preparation of an easily understandable users guide for the not so easy to use Merrin trading system.  Keep up the good work.


Howard Hansen

Equity Analyst



Rick, I just want to say thank you for ALL the support I've received from you over the past year.  In the midst of an extremely confusing set of technological changes, you have been accessible, knowledgeable, and (most importantly) patient. To deal with so many different people with so many different needs is quite an accomplishment. To do so with a sense of perspective and humor is truly exceptional.


Special thanks for all the help with Merrin. The documentation you designed is especially clear and well-formatted. I was a bit embarrassed the other day to have put in calls to everyone in tech support, to resolve a question dealt with very clearly on page 3! Next time I'll know!


Thanks, and keep up the good work.


Cinda Hughes

Equity Analyst



The classes that have been made available to everyone in the firm through Rick Saldan are so extremely important. It gives everyone an opportunity to learn all of the key programs that are so useful in the office environment.


Sometimes I can not make the classes I wish to, but given the classes are free, people should really jump in whenever they can. Rick is so friendly and easy to learn from. He deserves many thanks!


Cheryl Johnson



I just want thank Rick for all the help and training over the past year. You have helped me tremendously in making my job easier. Especially in MS Excel, for me creating mailing lists (from Rumba) for annuals, semi-annuals, prospectus and other sales pieces. Also, your work in setting up the files for Management Results, making it a fast and smooth transition from Excel to Word document for us so we can print and distribute to Sales and Marketing. This project cut down a great bit of work that we had to do on a monthly basis to prepare the reports. I will continue to attend classes in the future.  Keep up the good work.


Manny Khemal



I wanted to take the time to let you know how much I benefited from the efforts of Rick Saldan this past year.  Rich has been a great addition to the support system we PC users have sorely needed. Speaking from my own experience I can say the assistance and knowledge rendered has been invaluable to me. Further, I am looking forward to the continued tutoring in applications such as PowerPoint. This is something I never thought I would need to know, but now I see can be so powerful in presenting ideas to my superiors. If only someone can show me how to write!


The only frustration involved classes that had to be cancelled because urgent projects removed these two helpful individuals from the training schedule. Even under that handicap Rich always tried to at least help with answers to specific questions about the software being used.


Rich, I wanted to let you know what I thought of the Volunteer Thank You Luncheon you held on Friday. The idea of using your previous speakers (including yours truly) was a great idea. Having been too busy to agree to teach one of your classes, it was useful to me to get back in front of a group and help the people following me in giving a public presentation.


I was, again, able to learn from the others who spoke and related their struggles with the speech making man. The exercise was very useful to me and I only hope the people for whose benefit it was intended got out of it as much as I did.  Keep up the good work!!!


John Koorey



If it was not for you, Rick, I am convinced that I never would have learned the computer. Your training was excellent. You taught in language that a novice like me could understand. I find life is easier when you have computer skills. Keep up the good work!


Scotty Kross



Throughout the past year, I have interacted with Rick Saldan on a regular basis in an effort to better understand the newly implemented Merrin trading system. I greatly appreciate the support that he has given me.


From a business standpoint, it is easy to understand how Merrin can facilitate the investment management process at Lord Abbett, especially for adjunct products like pensions and annuity portfolios. Adapting to Merrin, however, has been a difficult process for everyone involved, especially myself.


The functionality of the Merrin system is probably well suited for the needs of most investment professionals. One thing is for sure, however, Merrin wasn't written for me. My unique portfolio modeling requirements have led Rick and myself through a series of trials to figure out the best way to model the small growth annuity portfolios. It has been quite a learning process for each of us.


To his credit, I probably would not be using Merrin today without his help. He has been instrumental in figuring out how to get Merrin to work for me, instead of my having to reengineer my portfolio modeling process to work with Merrin. I appreciate his patience and especially his ongoing effort to understand and ameliorate Merrin's shortcomings that most affect me.


Technology education is absolutely critical to our success. We are very lucky to have Rick to help lead the way.


Rayna Lesser



You came through again. Thanks very much!  I also have been remiss in providing feedback to your second Excel class which I attended on Monday. It was equally as impressive as the first. Each time I've walked away with real, practical solutions to apply to daily work. Keep up the good work!


Gary Levy



Rick, I just wanted to thank you for all of your help with the Act database, Outlook and the Excel training you have given. Your experience shines through each session and your sense of humor makes the class more enjoyable.


I hope you don't mind, but I like to let people know that they are appreciated, and you most definitely are.  You do a great job.  Thank you again,


Kim Little Bear

Executive Assistant,

Equity Department



On June 21st, we implemented the Merrin system for Equity Trading consolidated the modeling and trading components. While Merrin  had been installed for the Portfolio Managers, the implementation was also a major change to the interface and functionality to which they were accustomed.


This project was extremely critical to the organization for several reasons:


a)  A single modeling / trading platform provided for accurate intra-day position and cash information


b)  Provides a facility for pre-trade compliance, potentially preventing the loss of profits and exposing the firm to embarrassing situations with customers


c)  Interfaces to Electronic Communications Networks (ECN's) for automated trade execution.


Due to the scope of the functional and presentation changes that the users would experience it became apparent that the Trading Systems staff alone could not adequately prepare the user base for the impending application upgrade. I then met with Rick Saldan to discuss how he could assist in making this transition as seamless as possible. He was more than enthusiastic about playing a vital role in the important project.


The results can only be described as a major success. Rich Saldan learned the Merrin application, document functional pitfalls, trained the users on group and individual levels, and documented key points of the system. It is a tremendous benefit to have him as in-house experts, not only on the Merrin system but more importantly, on how we use Merrin on an enterprise and individual user level.  Due to this success I personally will seek to expand his role to include training on all in-house based applications.


Rick O'Keefe, Director

Information Technology



 Were it not for your great training, instructional classes, and informative calendars I would not have had the opportunity of conducting a class and/or being part of the Round Table Forum. I must say, I did enjoy it. I mentioned to Paul Hilstad what a great group of people technology has, and how supportive he is and/or was with what you put together.  I've learned a lot in the computer technology field, but this would not have been possible without Rick's training, and ideas with Plan of Attacks. You're always looking to create a easy flow for computer users with opportunities the involve training classes, shared ideas, and participation which build up confidence.  Like me, you've inspired people to share their knowledge about something they enjoy doing and/or know very well; and you've made it easy or should I say easier to stand in front of an audience and conduct a class. I would have never imagined myself doing this since I do experience stage fright. (that's right, who knew?)


I know I've always wanted to be part of The Computer Technology for Further Education System; I just never thought I'd get the opportunity. I feel confident and eager to learn something new. This would not have been possible without proper training by well organized individuals like yourselves that project such a positive attitude and professionalism during a class without making someone feel inadequate.


Thank you Rick for being informative, keeping me updated, taking time out from your busy schedule to answer questions and come to my rescue whenever I am in distress!!!!




Vanessa Pacheco,

Legal Department



Just wanted to say thank you for inviting me to be a part of the Public Speaking Class. It helped me feel even more comfortable about speaking in public; among my peers. It was extremely helpful to know that I wasn't the only one who was nervous before teaching a class.


This forum made me very comfortable, and the exchange of ideas and teaching styles was interesting. I felt that we, at least, accomplished letting Bob Dow know how helpful the classes have been for all of us, in either the teaching capacity or the student capacity. It's become a most valuable tool for me. I found the teaching aspect made the biggest impact on me. I wound up learning more than I ever imagined I could about Word Tables (and actually enjoyed it).


If I can be of further assistance, let me know. I'd be happy to teach a computer class again anytime.  And after you teach me Word Macros, perhaps that as well!


Elizabeth Pierce,

Executive Assistant,

Equity Department






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