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Look Into The Looking Glass!
Author: Kelly McRainey Moore

We are taught from a early age what is good and what is bad. We define ourselves on on actions good and bad. People tend to focus on the bad and that is how they feel This leaves us twisted. We must define for ourself what is good and bad no one has the right to judge oneself, yet they do and we allow them to. No one has ever died from someone thinking harshly of them, but to the victim it feels like a life or death situation.

We must first realize that we are who we are and accept that. Yes, we all have room for improvement. EVERYONE has room for improvement. We all have our short comings. We focus on the short comings rather than our strength's. Our strength's are far more important. They are are foundation our building blocks. If we dwell on the "bad" we will not grow. We become lost and without vision. If we were to make an honest list of the good, we would have a huge leap into successful living. When we are successful we feel good, when feel good we radiate. When we radiate good things begin to happen and we flourish.

We can not fix all the hurts and the disappointments over night, if ever. Our mistakes is what makes our character. They prepare us for what is yet to come. We must look into the "looking glass" of life and truly understand that everything that has happened is for a reason.

We can not define ourselves by another's beliefs, words or actions. I challenge you to look into the "looking glass" focus on the truth of your being. There are many great things in that glass the reflection of you!

Nature gives me inner contradictions; character gives me choice!


Self love is the pathway for happiness!








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