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Author: Jack Galloway

Did you know that this little three-letter word might be one of the most powerful of all? Why simply requires a person to stop and make sure that the way weíve always done it is still the way we should do it now. Why is the reason we donít have flat globes. Itís the reason we donít still go outside to pee. Why is not a bad word. Itís what you do with the information you discover and how you ask why that determines your good or bad behavior. There may be a perfectly good reason that my 4 year old feels she should be standing on top of my 2 year old. Nevertheless, itís worth asking why. When you were two, you were probably an all star sales person because you asked why about everything. It was the fit you threw on aisle 4 at Wal Mart that showed your immaturity; not the fact that you asked why. When I think of asking Why, I usually think of asking others why they do things. But what better place to start than with yourself? You are in total control because you get to ask the question, discover the answer, and decide what to do with the information. Why do you attend the particular church or denomination that you do? Why do you believe what you believe? Why do you work here? Yikes! Suddenly, this why thing got a little personal. Asking why will show you areas that need to be changed, solidify sound principles that are healthy and identify areas that need more investigation. Many people think a personís wisdom is measured by their answers. I suggest that knowing the best questions is as valuable. Courageously ask yourself, your family, your friends, your boss, and your clients: WHY?


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