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Move Your Body From The Inside Out
Author: Stephanie Wood

Take the first step in getting started with Moving Your Body from the Inside Out by using this strategy: Every word you believe and repeat tends to shape what you become.

Use your thoughts wisely. Understand their power. Thoughts have a tendency to become their physical equivalent. This is one of the fundamental laws of the universe. Another one is the law of attraction, which states that ''like attracts like.'' Because it is consciousness that creates reality, the kind of consciousness you hold, your vibration, actually creates the kind of life you're living.
Formula for you to explore:
Thought to a feeling
feeling to a behavior
behavior to a result .

So how does this relate to moving your body everyday? Here is an example:
If I tell my body the thought: “I feel fat today!” Then that thought becomes a feeling, and I feel heavy…so am I now motivated to move my body? I don’t think so…and the result is that I go back to my computer and ignore my body and feel even more sluggish.

Versus this scenario which is the reverse. Think of a positive word: (opposite of fat may be “light” (for me that is). I feel light…the thought becomes a feeling: I feel better about moving…I want to move my body…and the result is that I put on some music and walk around the house.

What thoughts come up around the word exercise for you? If it is negative, use the same negative to positive formula. For example… I have to exercise = a negative; a non- motivating desire. Instead try: “I enjoy moving my body everyday” (this is a positive force to motivate myself).

Now moving can take all sorts of forms…there is no right or wrong way…just move! Well there are correct ways of moving so that you do not injure yourself...but we will get to that later. The point is to put your thoughts into motivating action.

I encourage you to practice this “word” game with yourself…and see how you feel inside your body vs. what you think your should be doing; which in turn will propel you to naturally move in ways you really enjoy without having someone tell you what to do.

Your body is not created or put on from the outside. It is not attained through cosmetic surgery, deprivation, or compulsive exercise. It is accomplished by looking from the inside out.

Practice the liberating exercise above and see how your body becomes liberated to move…and your new body will start to emerge as a natural result of a healthy and balanced life.

I can help you create movement programs that can be naturally integrated into your lifestyle. Send me your challenges: I am here to help you move your body in a fun and enjoyable way everyday!


Stephanie Wood is a Lifestyles/Movement Coach, Mentor Coach and Personal Trainer; Creator of The Active Personality Style Profile © and Lean Sweep © Assessment and famous teleclass: "Resist Exercising? Want to Know Why?" She specializes in motivating people to move their bodies in a fun and enjoyable way which leads them to move in all areas of their lives. She also Mentors other coaches in establishing successful practices and fine-tuning their coaching skills.; Call her at 908-654-8459 (Eastern Time ) for a Free Consultation or Email:








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